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Crayons (1995)
1. The Long Night
2. Just to Have You Hum Along

(The Futon Song)
3. My Father's Home
4. Pastel
5. Crayons
6. War Between the Fears
7. Silver Wheels
8. Gypsy's Jewel
9. What Love Can Do
10.Friend of Mine
11.Roll On New River
12.In My Dreams
13.This Place of My Forgiveness
Daddy's Coal (1989)
1. Bed of Roses/ Bed of Thorns
2. Heartache
3. A Drifter's Prayer
4. Daddy's Coal
5. I Never Think of You At All
6. Jericho
7. Welcome Home Heart
8. Siver Wheels 2
9, Two Hearts Together/ Three Quarter Time
10. The Pilgrim
Peaceful Existence (1993)
1. All You Want
2. Crack in the Mirror
3. The Ballad of Marley Rose Peyton
4. The Quiet
5. Falling Rain
6. Edge of the Universe
7. Cowboy
8. Long Bed from Kenya
9. Light in Your Window
10.Winter's Coming
Peaceful Existence - A masterpiece. A truly definitive achievement for the
decade. Exquisite vocal, guitar and violin performances earmark this wondrous
work. Innately wise in its sublime understatement. Artistically deft. Indelible aural
and visual textures throughout, from the haunting and poignant "Falling Rain," to the
irrevocable indictment against child molestation, "Crack in the Mirror". From the
anguish of love unrequited in "Light in Your Window" -- to the ethereal, apocalyptic
"The Quiet" -- to the bittersweet reassurance of human transformation in "Long Bed
from Kenya". In her hands, we are willingly transported to a higher place.
Daddy's Coal - This llittle gem was reportedly recorded in a South Austin garage
with an old Peavey p.a. system! Proof that true creative ability cannot be constrained
by a lack of materials. The essentials are in place----great songs, great musicians,
great ears (engineering, production). The title cut, "Daddy's Coal," is timeless and
startling in its profundity. Betty's and Hal Ketchum's vocals soar effortlessly above a
lyrical but sparse acoustic bed, as her symbolic rides upon the wind. This song is as
much a triumphant testimonial to a child's love for parent as a memorial to innocence
lost by an entire Viet Nam War generation. Such loss is simply and tenderly expressed
in the traditional, "A Drifter's Prayer". Portrait of a loss of faith. Soul with its tether cut.
The prophetic "Jericho" expounds on the lack of true virtue displayed by network
evangelism, and the anthemic "Pilgrim" close the too-short collection, proving once
again that one can indeed make much with little.
Crayons - Elders' expansive aural palette combines all colors of the spectrum in a
sensual, spiritual tapestry, weaving hope from despair as deftly as a loomer's hands.
An incisive realism prevails . . . the struggle for meaning in our own existence . . .
redemption, hope, transcendence from what we must endure. The songs are varied as
the tapestry itself--darkness against light, suedes against shimmering silvers, pastels
against burnt sienna. A master's palette. Truth against deception; light from darkness.
Hope beyond despair. Freedom through forgiveness. It's all there.
"A joyous celebration of life; topped only by the telling chorus line --
'Pleasure springs from simple things and freedom from the truth'."
--The Kerrville Kronikle, UK (FolkWax)

"Worth buying on the strength of the title track alone."
Detour Magazine, UK

"In another place or another time Betty Elders would be writing
poetry...using songwriting the way the best poetry is used..."
Music City Texas (3rd Coast Music)

"Elders has long been recognized as one of the city's most gifted composers.
With Peaceful Existence, she redeems all the accolades with one of the
year's best albums." --
Austin American-Statesman

"Never before have the elemental images of wind and rain, running rivers and
faraway trains, been used to such an achingly stunning effect."
Brum Beat/Virgin Records, United Kingdom

Four stars aren't enough. Feeling the rapture of Peaceful Existence is
tantamount to discovering the Holy Grail...Peaceful Existence is as intelligent
as it is spiritual, and matches the standard of excellence associated with the
likes of Bob Dylan, John Prine, Nanci Griffith, Warren Zevon and Lucinda
Williams." --
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A true masterpiece . . . Peaceful Existence is the most successful product of
a female singer/composer of recent times."--
LA VOCE, Alessandria, Italy

"Crayons is a marvel of poetic beauty."
Aquarian Weekly

"Elders is among the rare singer-songwriters to whom the term 'artist'
genuinely applies."
Stereo Review

"Elders is an uncommonly gifted writer with any number of hues and tints at
her command."
Austin American Statesman

"Betty Elders has long been one of Austin's best kept secrets, but that's all
about to change with the release of Crayons. Her lyrics read like poetry with
subtle humor and startling innocence.... "
Just To Have You Hum Along
(The Futon Song)," "Pastel", and "War Between The Fears" are prime
examples of the magic Elders makes with words and music."
College Media Journal
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Some newer stuff, not yet released...
1. Safe Within Your Love
2. Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
3. Shirley Falling Down
4. The Shores of Ireland
5. Farewell
6. Jupiter
7. The Letter
8. Given Some Time
9. When He looked Down
10. White Rose
11. Love Just Like A River
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